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5 social networks that give the best results for restaurateurs

Borna Oreč

Social Media Specialist

Social networks have become an indispensable tool for restaurateurs in today’s digital age. Proper use of these platforms allows restaurants, cafes and hotels to reach their target audience and improve their visibility. In this article, we explore five social networks that are particularly useful for hospitality businesses, along with key SEO strategies to maximize their potential.


Instagram is the leading platform for visual content, ideal for caterers. Publish quality photos of food, drinks and the ambiance of your bar. Using local and relevant hashtags, such as city names and popular dishes, will help increase visibility. Regularly use Instagram Stories for promotions, sweepstakes, and behind-the-scenes content to increase engagement with your followers.


Facebook remains one of the largest social networks with a diverse audience. Create a professional Facebook page for your hospitality business, regularly post relevant content and use CTAs (Calls to Action) to encourage users to interact. Create on-page events and encourage users to leave reviews, as positive reviews also affect your SEO.


Although Yelp is not a classic social network, this platform is essential for restaurateurs. Users often use Yelp to find new restaurants and leave reviews. Open a profile for your hospitality business on Yelp and ensure that your address, hours and contact information are up to date. Encourage satisfied guests to leave positive reviews, as this can help improve your reputation and search engine rankings.


Pinterest is a great platform for sharing inspirational images and recipes. Create boards with photos of food, drinks and decorations from your restaurant. When sharing content on Pinterest, use relevant keywords in titles, descriptions, and tags to improve SEO. Link images from your website to drive traffic and potential guests. 


YouTube is ideal for creatingvideo content to showcase your specialties, cooking techniques and theatmosphere of your restaurant. Record quality videos, such as cooking tutorialsor virtual tours. Use relevant keywords in titles, descriptions and tags toimprove SEO. Promote your videos on other social networks and on your website. 

Using the right SEO approach on selected social networks, hospitality businesses can improve visibility, increase engagement and attract new guests. Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, Pinterest and YouTube offer unique opportunities for promotion and reputation building. Remember to monitor analytics regularly to adjust your strategies and achieve maximum results on these platforms.